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? reMIXstudio studio - ideas in action 01.jpg
1 / 9 general view 總覽

ideas in action - landscape of intensities | 泛學科 - 變化的景觀

Year | 年份: 2015
Location | 地點: Shanghai, China | 中國,上海
Status | 狀態: completed | 建成

Type | 類型: renovation | 改造
Program | 功能: exhibition design | 展覽設計
Size | 規模: 1000 sqm | 1000 平米
Exhibition | 展覽: Ideas in Action _ Trans-design 2016 | 泛學科_2016上海藝術設計展
Curator | 策展: Beatrice Leanza | 畢月
Contractor | 施工: Pure Experiential Communications Agency ( | 上海芙睿文化傳播有限公司
Team | 團隊: Chen Chen (陳忱), Federico Ruberto, Nicola Saladino, Xue Yang (薛揚), Xu Mengze (徐夢澤) studio - ideas in action 02.jpg
2 / 9 concept: axonometry 理念:軸線法

reMIX Studio presents “Landscape of Intensities” a modular system of dematerialized steel skeletons that supports the complex programmatic and spatial requirements of the exhibition. The scheme has been generated by a matrix of relations as a container of heterogeneous artworks, a constellation of intensities. The installation is constructed as an organizing masterplan: its volumes of steel bars, metal mesh and wooden boards mediate the relationship among the exhibited pieces, fostering their visual interrelation to catalyse their creative potential.

臨界工作室呈現了一部名為“變化的景觀”的裝置:一個由鋼筋框架承載展覽中不同功能及空間要求的模塊化系統。它是一個“容器”,包含了多樣的藝術設計作品之間豐富的聯系,并塑造了一些不同“強度”的區域。這個“容器”不僅是用來組織展覽內容的規劃框架,其本身亦是一部藝術裝置:鋼筋、金屬網和木板成為定義不同展區的基本材料元素,它們不同的通透性控制視線的分離和交流,形成一個頗富層次的空間陣列。 studio - ideas in action 03.jpg
3 / 9 floor plan 平面圖

Such landscape is a device to organize diversity, to assemble it not through a sequence of austere partitions and generic spaces, but though a dynamic flow of bifurcations and convergences, compressions and expansions. The wireframe volumes become the support for projections, for the display of large and minute objects and site-specific installations that find their individual place in a network of correlations, in a calculated but non-sequential order.

這部裝置之所以被稱為“景觀”,是因為它不是簡單的將空間分割為多個區域,而是通過迫使參觀路線的分流、匯合,各個展區的互相壓縮、擴張等形成一個富有動態和張力的變化的場域。這些鋼筋構成的“線框”承載不同的展陳方式:投影,物品,展板,裝置等,并根據其展陳內容的相關性,在不同展區之間建立流線和視線的多重聯系,在整個場地形成多個參觀子序列。 studio - ideas in action 04.jpg
4 / 9 prototype of the modular structure 模塊化結構原型

The organic and seemingly unfinished character of the space resembles that of a construction site: the volumes emerge like buildings from the ground, generating diverse expressions that echo the various functional requirements of their content, but at the same time respond to the overall logic of the city.

這部有機的、無縫的裝置亦使我們聯想到一片“未完成的建筑工地”:這些粗糙的鋼筋線框如同一座座拔地而起的建筑框架,它們各異的形態是其所承載不同展陳需求的空間表達,但它們共同的結構邏輯又使整個陣列從屬與同一座“城”。 studio - ideas in action 05.jpg
5 / 9 construction process 施工進程

The result is a laboratory for unexpected experiments, a showcase of crystalline collections, a factory of innovative products and productions. Our formalization of the masterplan has been nurtured be the will of working with such diversity, a very special form of messiness… “Landscape of Intensities” is a play with the unexpected contingencies of the construction site, a game of recursive adaptations: we designed a place and let it design us in reverse.

這部“工地”有意包容工廠般的粗糙質感、未完成感,以及不同展品之間體量、形式、材料的巨大多樣性,甚至這些內容并置時產生的“混亂性”。“變化的景觀”仿佛是一次結果不可預期的游戲:看似我們設計了一個空間,而其實我們反過來為它所設計。 studio - ideas in action 06.jpg
6 / 9 general view 總覽 studio - ideas in action 07.jpg
7 / 9 general view 總覽 studio - ideas in action 08.jpg
8 / 9 detail 細節 studio - ideas in action 09.jpg
9 / 9 detail 細節
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