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1 / 8 general view 總覽

branching tensions | 張力裝置樹

Year | 年份: 2013
Location | 地點: Beijing, China | 中國,北京
Status | 狀態: completed | 建成

Type | 類型: installation | 裝置
Program | 功能: design workshop | 設計工作坊
Size | 規模: 60 sqm | 60 平米

Students | 學生: 4th year Interior Design Studio: Martina Muratori, Luca Lotumolo, Bai Lan, Chen Jing, Chen Yun, Liu Yi, Meng Xiaojing, Song Wei, Zhao Qianqian
Instructors | 教師: Eva Castro, Federico Ruberto, Nicola Saladino tensions 02.jpg
2 / 8 floor plan and existing lightwell 總平面及現有天井

This installation is the result of a workshop with students from Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts. It comes from the understanding of design not in an aprioristic manner but as a process-based framework in which various logical operations and the performance of the different components characterize the aesthetic and emergent properties of the resulting space. We proposed a strategy in which the final shape was not given and predetermined from the beginning but was generated as a result of an “organic” construction process.

該裝置由我們帶領清華大學美術學院學生合作完成。這次設計中我們反思通過演繹推導預設結果的傳統設計思維,而探索通過設立一定的邏輯框架來控制設計過程本身的策略:設計中不同元素的操作邏輯,功能特征,共同以自下而上的方式決定了最終形成的空間的美學特性的“涌現”。因而,該裝置的最終形態不是經過預設而決定的,而是經過“有機”建造所產生的結果。 tensions 03.jpg
3 / 8 floor plan and section 平面及立面

The main design elements are: hexagons of three types and scales that determine different geometric formations, elastic cables that link the connectors and balloons filled-up with water that help achieve the final tensional stability.

該設計的主要原理是:用三種不同形態和尺寸的六邊形作為連結構件來形成裝置各部分不同的幾何結構,將具有彈性的纜繩連接六邊形構件與下端懸掛的氣球,最終利用灌滿水的氣球引發的纜繩張力而獲得整體結構的穩定性。 tensions 04.jpg
4 / 8 branching logic 張力的內在邏輯

The intervention is a tactic of punctual decisions: the design of few basic components, their location through connectors and their balancing logic once assembled together create a dynamic spatial organization that is open to further on-site alterations.

設計過程涉及到一系列關鍵而精確的細部設計:基礎構件本身及其位置的設計,使它們相互之間獲得平衡,并共同創造出一個動態的空間組織關系。這個空間組織還可被進一步改變以適應不同的場地條件。 tensions 05.jpg
5 / 8 design components 部件設計

The interplay of these three actors and the complex dynamic stability that is generated offers the possibility of literally playing on site allowing the students to interact, discuss and mediate altogether in the creation of their singular constellations.

三樣構件之間的相互作用產生的復雜的動態穩定性,使學生們在現場和裝置的互動成為可能,他們可以一邊討論一邊擺出各自的奇特想法。 tensions 06.jpg
6 / 8 perspective views and photos 局部透視及照片

The trees reach a stable condition only when the final weight is applied at the bottom. Thus the operation of linking different formations together modifies the system overall balance, altering and affecting the position of every other single branch.

只有最后當所有重量施加在底部時,樹狀結構才能達到穩定的狀態。因此,移動結構的任意部分,都會牽一發而動全身,更改整個系統的平衡,形成一個新的形態。 tensions 08.jpg
7 / 8 component detail 部件細部 tensions 07.jpg
8 / 8 branching and balancing system details 張力及平衡系統
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