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1 / 13 physical model

Indexing territories | 湖南大學常德城市規劃分析設計工作坊

Type | 類型: indexical analysis of Changde City, Hunan, China | 湖南省常德市城市規劃分析設計
Host | 地點: Hunan University, Changsha, Hunan, China | 湖南,長沙,湖南大學
Duration | 時間: 1 week | 1個星期
Year | 年份: 2012
Students | 學生: 20 undergrads from Hunan University School of Architecture
Instructors | 教師: Federico Ruberto, Nicola Saladino
Course tutor | 教師: Hu Biao 02.jpg
2 / 13 general location and existing green system

Mapping and diagramming are exploratory and propositional processes at the same time, having an active and crucial role in the design process. The aim of this workshop was to develop the students’ capacity for reading information from fields and then decoding, synthesizing and systematically processing it into indexical models.

測繪和圖解即是分析方法也是設計方法,在設計過程中起著關鍵性的作用。該工作坊試圖鍛煉學生從設計場地獲取信息的能力,并學會將復雜信息通過解讀、綜合等,系統的將其處理成量化的、對設計產生直接指導的分析模型作為調研結果。 03.jpg
3 / 13 road system nodal connectivity

We looked at different techniques of indexing territories, focusing on networks, fields and dynamic behaviors both from the physical and the socio-economic point of view. At the same time we explored different mediums of representation, including the creation of a multi-layered maquette.

我們帶領學生關注網絡關系,地形,和發展變化中的其他元素,并同時關注物質的和非物質(社會,經濟等)的因素。同時,我們也探索了多種不同的設計表達媒介,重點培養學生對多層次復雜信息的系統性精確性的表達。 04.jpg
4 / 13 industrial production network 05.jpg
5 / 13 industrial network + road system 06.jpg
6 / 13 public green space potential corridors 07.jpg
7 / 13 connectivity of public transportation hubs 08_v2.jpg
8 / 13 commercial network 09.jpg
9 / 13 zoom-in: topographic analysis 10.jpg
10 / 13 physical model: road network 11.jpg
11 / 13 physical model: water network 12.jpg
12 / 13 physical model: population density vs road capacity 13.jpg
13 / 13 physical model: general view of the multiple layers
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